Open RIA Services User Support Troubleshooting Silverlight project not generating code  Viewed 30642 time(s), 4 post(s)., 11/27/2015 3:49:39 PM - by StormRider01

StormRider01 11/27/2015 3:49:40 PM

It appears that I have the same problem referenced here:

I've updated the Silverlight project file: <LinkedOpenRiaServerProject>..\Manager.Web\Manager.Web.csproj</LinkedOpenRiaServerProject>

I've replaced the packages in my web project:

  <package id="OpenRiaServices.Endpoints" version="" targetFramework="net46" />
  <package id="OpenRiaServices.EntityFramework" version="" targetFramework="net46" />
  <package id="OpenRiaServices.Server" version="" targetFramework="net46" />

I've replaced the packages in my silverlight project:
  <package id="OpenRiaServices.Client" version="" targetFramework="sl5" />
  <package id="OpenRiaServices.Client.CodeGen" version="" targetFramework="sl5" />
  <package id="OpenRiaServices.Client.Core" version="" targetFramework="sl5" />

After Clean Solution / Rebuild Solution I have an empty Generated_Code folder in my silverlight project. 
What's the next step in debugging this issue?

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Michael 12/21/2015 4:10:11 PM


I'm having the same problem, server is compiling good but not my client models. I follow all migration tips from WCF RIA to OpenRia but the generated code on client side is still not generated.

The only thing I have while compiling the client project is this :

packages\OpenRiaServices.Client.CodeGen.\build\OpenRiaServices.Client.CodeGen.targets(302,5): warning : The following exception occurred creating the MEF composition container:

packages\OpenRiaServices.Client.CodeGen.\build\OpenRiaServices.Client.CodeGen.targets(302,5): warning : Unable to load one or more of the requested types. Retrieve the LoaderExceptions property for more information.

packages\OpenRiaServices.Client.CodeGen.\build\OpenRiaServices.Client.CodeGen.targets(302,5): warning : The default code generator will be used.

It seems that the 'CreateOpenRiaClientFilesTask' is generating those warnings.

Could you help me because I can't fix this issue since I upgraded my solution to SL5 / EF 6 / Open RIA / .NET 4.6...

Thank you,


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StormRider01 1/21/2016 2:50:21 PM

I've completely given up on open ria services, and silverlight. This is a dead donkey and it's time to move on.

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Daniel-Svensson 2/7/2016 12:18:58 PM

When you get MEF composition problems it is probably something wrong with the setup of the server project setup.

To troubleshoot you need to see the LoaderExceptions message.

I don't remember if you can set the build output verbosity in VS to debug in order to see it or if you need to debug the code generation (see  

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