Open RIA Services User Support NuGet package for OpenRiaServices.Controls.DomainServices  Viewed 18543 time(s), 2 post(s)., 5/23/2014 6:22:19 PM - by brian8877

brian8877 5/23/2014 6:22:19 PM

We're converting to OpenRiaServices.  We have some usage of the SubmittedChangesEventArgs class and I found it in the OpenRiaServices.Controls.DomainServices.dll.
But, I can't find a NuGet package that provides that assembly.

Is there one?


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ColinBlair 5/27/2014 8:18:00 PM

That is OpenRiaServices.Silverlight.DomainDataSource. If you are not using the DomainDataSource then you shouldn't be using SubmittedChangesEventArgs.

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