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bestcoder 7/22/2013 6:57:19 PM

We have an extensive Silverlight app that uses RIA Services and ASP.NET authentication hosted by IIS. I just got the app running inside the latest Orchard CMS with the help of a custom Orchard module that I wrote. The app seems to run fine, but so far is unable to login a user due to a 404 error when authenticating (using forms authentication.)

I created a simple Silverlight using the business app template for testing this and it throws the same 404 error (per Fiddler) on this post:

POST {MyXapFilePath}/BusinessApplication1-Web-AuthenticationService.svc/binary/Login HTTP/1.1

I was already planning to convert the app to Open RIA Services, but am wondering whether doing so right now would give me any advantages with getting this to work; also if any tips are available for defining the link between a Silverlight app and its Open RIA services in a scenario where the app runs inside an ASP.NET-based CMS such as Orchard.


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ColinBlair 7/23/2013 2:12:23 PM

Microsoft hasn't given us the code yet so you can't actually convert to Open RIA Services. Orchard CMS is MVC based which means that MVC's URL rewriter is conflicting with RIA Services's URL rewriter. Open global.asax and in the RegisterRoutes add an IgnoreRoute to make the MVC rewriter let RIA Services do the rewriting. For example:


should ignore the entire ClientBin directory including all call to RIA Services. I have seen other examples that ignore anything that ends with svc but the above example seems the most comprehensive to me. In branch 5 of Open RIA Services we are switching from WCF to Web API so conflicts with the URL rewriter will go away then.

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