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ColinBlair 7/10/2013 2:24:42 PM

There is an existing solution, and I am surprised that Connect didn't respond with it. If you mark the query method as having side effects [Query(HasSideEffects=true)] on the server then the client will use a POST instead of a GET.

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Daniel-Svensson 7/10/2013 8:08:22 AM

Currently the complexity of queries are limited by to URI of size around 2K ( which for examples "prevents" our control provider devexpress to ship a data-grid handling massive number of rows while still allowing updates and "included"  entities (see for example

It would be great if open ria services could overcome this limitation by automatically being able to overcome this limitation by for example sending the query as for example a http-header (which would raise limit to 8-32K for query only based on default values for IIS/apache) or in any other way as part of the http request.
Some kind of uri query would probably still be used to allow efficient caching of requests (we could maybe send a ?useHttpHeader=MD5 or something similar). 

While I don't think this would be very difficult to implement this, it would result in specific cases where an open ria service client would be unable to talk to a a wcf ria services server (but only in cases where a wcf ria services client would result in exceptions).
Is the ability to be able to mix wcf ria services and open ria services a goal for 4.3?

Does this sound as a reasonable issue to fix for 4.3? and if so does the suggested implementation sound ok or can anyone come up with a better solution?

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ColinBlair 7/10/2013 2:26:14 PM

Forgot to answer a different question you asked. The Open RIA Services 4.x client is compatible with the WCF RIA Services server. The reverse is also true.

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