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Mike-EEE 6/22/2014 8:57:20 PM


I have been investigating Xamarin.Forms and it is nothing short of spectacular:

I am curious if any work has been done towards getting RIA Services to work work on this platform and/or if anyone knows if it already just works.

Personally, I am super pumped about this, as it looks like all the work from back in the day with Silverlight might be once again applicable towards this new paradigm.

Anyways, it would be good to know where Open RIA Services stands with this.  I would be interested in helping out in any way that I can!

Thank you,

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Daniel-Svensson 6/28/2014 5:35:36 PM

As far as I know no work has been made specifically towards making Open Ria Services work on Xamarin.Forms.

The current state of Open Ria Services

En "next" version 4.4.0 should support .net desktop applications, and the PCL libraries should be supported for "Open RIA Services libraries".

The main issue currently is with the OpenRiaServices.Client.Web assembly which does only support Silverlight and .Net, I have made some initial experiments in order to get it to compile for Win 8 apps (including portable profiles which should work with xamarin.forms), but I have not worked with it for some time. The remaining issues I had with Win 8 was:

* It only support the "new reflection API" (where Type is split into Type and TypeInfo) which would would require some internal refactoring to provide a "cross platform" reflection API.

</br>* The WCF implementation only support task-async methods (a slightly bigger issue).

* It does not support system.servicemodel.web (I have made some progress towards removing this dependency, but did not complete it or test it)

I know that colin have made som work with the "domaincontroller" (which would utilize webapi instead of WCF for transport). When a successful client and server is available I hope it will be cross platform from the start (or easy to make it so).

Regarding Xamarin.Forms

Based on a very quick search it seems like Xamarin might very well support both the system.servicemodel.web part and the WCF part, and as for the reflection I did not find any fast answer as to if it support the "old" reflection API found in Silverlight and .NET <= 4.5.

If you are interested I would recommended you to se if you can make openriaservices.domainservices.client.web compile and run for xamarin. Support for additional platforms would definitely we appreciated.

If you decide to give it a try I would recommend you to create a new project for xamarin and copy all files and reference from the desktop client.  I you open both projects in a text editor you can copy-paste the section with all files in order to get all files setup as "existing file" with the correct folder structure.


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Mike-EEE 8/12/2015 11:35:48 AM

OMG this project is moving like a snail. :P

How about Universal Windows Platform applications?

Is this project even still alive?  There are hardly any posts around it and it feels quite dead just looking over the posts here.  Also, the email notification of this thread didn't work and I never got an email for this reply.  Since it took 6-days (!) to reply to my previous post here, I will check back in a week to see if anyone replied here.

The reason why I ask for UWP is that I have been looking into the ASP.NET vNext (5) and it's pretty terrible and not very innovative.  It's all JSON and, well, different now.  Nothing has matched Ria Services and it would be great to work with it again, if possible.

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bengutt 8/19/2015 9:21:42 AM

I'm hoping that Universal Windows Platform applications will be supported, as that is where I'm hoping to take our project.

I'm part way through moving our views and models across to portable assemblies (the escape from Silverlight plan) and I'm hoping that when I've managed to get that done it will work without problem.

Does anyone have any idea on this?

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Daniel-Svensson 2/7/2016 2:21:17 PM

The next update should hopefully be able to support UWP (no promises).

I first beta release of 4.5.0 has been pushed to nuget and a link to a portable replacement to the WCF client can be found in the description

Note that this is just a first step: It works with Win8 applications so hopefully the step to UWP should not be that big and help with bringing UWP support is always appreciated.

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reswat 2/23/2016 11:32:53 PM

First, thanks for your work on this.  I suspect it is rather thankless.
I currently have a large Silverlight application that works great.  Looking forward, I still wonder what platform I should move to and so I was excited to see that OpenRIA might be available on the UWP platform.  So many people have ragged on Windows Mobile and Microsoft, but it seems like they might be making a lot progress behind the scenes - like a river flowing underground.  What I'm referring to is that the hardware might be progressing to the point where a phone in my pocket would be powerful enough to run a full applications based upon UWP, with an OpenRIA service client.  Converting Silverlight to UWP would be several orders of magnitude easier than converting to Javascript/HTML5.
I'm terrible biased in this, but it seems to me that a UWP app that supports OpenRIA would be a platform better than anything else out there.  If OpenRIA worked well with UWP, then seems like we might see a resurrection of interest in OpenRIA.  Maybe that's just wishful thinking,
Here are my two conclusions:
1) Keep up the good work - I think it might pay off for many people
2) I'm really swamped right now but may have time to help out later this year.  I've never been involved with an open source project, but would consider spending some time if it would lead to a successful UWP product.  If you get a chance, please send me an email.  I'd like to hear your thoughts about where Microsoft technology is going.

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