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I am in the middle of migrating a solution from WCF RIA Services and EF5 to OpenRIAServices and EF6.  I now have the server side building with the correct assemblies and have moved onto the Silverlight side.  I have followed the migration instructions but I keep getting this error from the CreateOpenRiaClientFilesTask:

2>C:\Dev\Prescribing\Dev\CommunityCodeFirst\Source\packages\OpenRiaServices.Signed.Client.CodeGen.\build\OpenRiaServices.Signed.Client.CodeGen.targets(302,5): error : Unexpected exception thrown before code gen could be started, this indicates a serious error which might be caused by missing or corrupt assemblies.

2>C:\Dev\Prescribing\Dev\CommunityCodeFirst\Source\packages\OpenRiaServices.Signed.Client.CodeGen.\build\OpenRiaServices.Signed.Client.CodeGen.targets(302,5): error : Exception :Late bound operations cannot be performed on types or methods for which ContainsGenericParameters is true.

If I run a diagnostic build I can see that I get this error for every file that is *.shared.cs.  I've been googling the last few hours and drawn a blank.  Any ideas?

Futher info not sure if this will help, using VS 2015 Enterprise Update 3.  NuGet Packages:


OpenRiaServices.Signed.EntityFramework version

OpenRiaServices.Signed.Server version


OpenRiaServices.Signed.Client version

OpenRiaServices.Signed.Client.CodeGen version

OpenRiaServices.Signed.Core version

OpenRiaServices.Signed.ViewModel version



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dunny 12 month(s) ago

Just noticed the release of 4.5.0.  Upgraded to this for all packages but still have the same issue.

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