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ColinBlair 7/4/2013 12:13:11 PM

EF6 compatibility is the very first thing we will be releasing and Jeff mentioned that in his announcement. One thing that wasn't clear from Jeff's announcement, and I have added a Misc. section to the roadmap overview to cover this, is that what we will be releasing is EF 6 support for WCF RIA Services.

What I want is to get continuous integration setup between Open RIA Services and Entity Framework code so that we never fall too far behind what the EF team is doing.

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AndyNewland 7/4/2013 9:53:44 AM

Hi Colin,

Excellent news. A quick question is that I don't see Entity Framework 6.0 compatability anywhere on the roadmap. As I am sure you know the EF 6.0 beta will not work with WCF RIA Services. 

I guess most people using RIA are also using EF so this is a big deal as we don't want to be stranded on EF 5.1 forever! A commitment to forward compatability with EF would be great.


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AndyNewland 7/4/2013 2:20:51 PM

Thanks Colin that sounds absolutely ideal.


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Daniel-Svensson 9/27/2013 7:53:18 AM

Just to be be certain about this when you talk about EF6 I am asuming you are talking both aobout DbContext and ObjectContext? 

@Colin how to you plan to support ObjectContext and EF5/EF6.
Will there be two separate packages where one uses EF5 (System.Data.Objects) and one using EF6 (System.Data.Entity.Core.Objects)?

We are really looking forward starting both to use Open Ria Services and upgrade to EF6.
Since we are currently using ObjectContext it would be great if we could do the migration in steps (first OpenRiaServices and then go to EF6).

While we are actively looking at DbContext we are planning to continue using ObjectContext at least in the near future since we don't see much an advantage for us at the moment and we have quite some code (mostly test-cases) which depend on relationship-fixup of normal entities and now is not the best time to change that. (Also the client side entities look and feels so much like ObjectContext's EntityObject so at the moment it is easier for new developers to use that approach).

I've seen that you made some good progress with the code Colin, please let us know if there are any "small" issues (such as adding a separate? project för ObjectContext EF6) you want the community to help with.
Maybe you could use an approach similar to the one with EF where they mark issues as "UpForGrabs", or maybe just add the issues at codeplex with a target version but without any assignee.

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ColinBlair 9/30/2013 3:45:50 AM

I have been waiting for Outercurve and Microsoft to officially announce the opening of the project before putting out a todo list. The main thing I need someone else to work are the unit tests. The tests were written against old versions of the testing code and are woefully out of date. More on that once the project is officially opened.

The old System.ServiceModel.DomainService.EntityFramework has been renamed OpenRiaServices.DomainService.EntityFramework.ObjectContext. It will stay connected to System.Data.Objects like it has in the past. Microsoft.ServiceModel.DomainServices.EntityFramework was the old code first version and it has been renamed OpenRiaServices.DomainService.EntityFramework and is attached to EF 6. I am not planning on supporting EF 5 Code First, users need to choose either ObjectContext on EF5 or DbContext on EF6. That may change if there is enough demand.

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