7/3/2013 Thanks

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As Jeff said in the announcement, Open RIA Services could not have happened if the community had not asked for it in the first place. My thanks to everyone else who joined me in asking for Open RIA Services to happen.

However, just asking isn't enough to make something happen. There has to be someone willing to listen and do something about the request. Below are some of the people responsible for WCF RIA Services. Make sure you thank the guy at the far right for working so hard over the last several years to make Open RIA Services a reality.

Dinesh Kulkarni, Mathew Charles, Brad Abrams, Nikhil Kothari, Jeff Handley

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Best news I've heard all day! Is there a way to donate to the project?

7/4/2013 4:44:22 AM

Stephanus van Staden

Great news, next we need Silverlight Opensoursed

7/4/2013 8:36:13 PM
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