10/14/2013 Opening Day

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As some people may already have noticed, the source code for Open RIA Services is available on the Codeplex site (http://openriaservices.codeplex.com) and as of today the project is officially open. I have populated the Issues list at Codeplex and almost everything on the issues list is currently listed as up for grabs. If you are interested in working on an issue please take a look at the code, come up with a plan, and then discuss here at the project site.

Later today I will be posting a more comprehensive status of the solution with technical details of the current state of the code, the location of our NuGet feed, and a some general timeframes. If you are interested in contributed to the project I encourage you to contact contributions@outercurve,org and let them know you want to sign the CLA agreement for Open RIA Services. They will send you details and ask which version of the CLA you need to sign.

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