10/14/2013 Project Lead Status Report

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How to build Open RIA Services

  1. Open RiaServices.sln
  2. Right click the Test folder and unload all of the projects inside it
  3. Build. The solution is using NuGet so if you have the newest version of NuGet installed then all other needed packages should be downloaded automatically.

Pretty simple, except that having to unload all of the unit tests is a bit distressing. The unit tests have two major problems. The refactoring on them is not complete to get them moved off of Microsoft's namespaces. Second, the unit tests themselves are out of date and we non-functional even before I started changing all of the namespaces. I am working on fixing the remaining namespace issues but once that is complete I am looking for advice from the community on how to proceed with modernizing the unit test code.

NuGet feed: https://www.myget.org/F/openriaservices/

  • We do have a nightly build NuGet feed that is being hosted for us by MyGet. As of today the only package available is RiaServicesContrib.EntityFramework

    The first package that we will be releasing will add EF 6 support to Microsoft's WCF RIA Services. At the moment the package compiles and is available from our MyGet feed. However, I would not recommend the package be used until we can get the unit tests that can confirm its functionality working.

    The Open RIA Services solution generates code  four different directories: Test, Desktop, Silverlight, and Portable. Test is where you will find the compiled unit tests, Desktop is where you will find the server assemblies and the WPF client assemblies, Silverlight is where you will find the Silverlight client, and Portable is where you will find the new Portable Class Library assemblies as they are created. Long time users of WCF RIA Services may be wondering why there are WPF client assemblies, they are there only for unit testing purposes. As far as I know, they have never actually been used to create a WPF application using RIA Services.
  • Timeline
  • By next week I will have the refactoring of the Unit Tests complete and will be working on getting the Unit Tests to actually run. Once we have some unit tests running we will be able to look at getting NuGet packages on the feed for all of the other pieces of the solution.

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Good thing you have EF6 compatibility on the way with unit test :)

Hope I will be able to update EF on my RIA Services projet around it's release!

10/15/2013 6:39:12 PM
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