12/7/2013 4.3 Alpha NuGet Packages Released

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I am pleased to announce that alpha versions of the Open RIA Services 4.3 Alpha1 has been released on our MyGet feed.

The MyGet feed can be found at https://www.myget.org/F/openriaservices/

These packages represent an initial working version of Open RIA Services. Up to this point, the source code has been going through massive waves of refactoring making it very difficult for anyone other than myself to make changes to the code. That refactoring is mostly complete. Most of the changes will now be happening in the OpenRiaServices.VisualStudio.* projects as I work to get the templates, wizard, and RIA Link replacement screen in place. Once that is done I will revise the dlls to beta status instead of alpha status.

It is important to note that the 4.3 dlls are the foundation of the 4.3 branch of Open RIA Services, not the final result of the 4.3 branch. For example, M2M support is not currently built into these packages. However, now that these packages are functioning it should be possible for M2M support to be worked on by others.

I will be writing and posting preliminary documentation for the new packages tomorrow. In the meantime, here are example solutions showing the new packages being used to support EF 4/5 ObjectContext, EF 6 ObjectContext, and EF 6 DbContext. The one thing that will not be immediately apparent is that Open RIA Services code generation is activated by changing the name of the RIA Link's tag inside the project file. In WCF RIA Services the tag was named LinkedServerProject. For Open RIA Services you rename it to LinkedOpenServerProject. There is no UI to automate the setting of the Open RIA Link, that will be part of the beta release. 

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Well Done Colin
I Moved my System over to VS2013 ,EF6.1 And Open RIA Services in about 3 hours And after testing I am thinking of going to Production with this Open RIA Services 4.3 Alpha1.
When are you going beta.. ?

1/3/2014 1:57:20 PM

Colin Blair

Tomorrow (1/4/2014)

I will also be releasing the tooling for Visual Studio 2013, pushing the NuGet packages to NuGet itself, and removing the prerelease flags to make it easier to use.

1/3/2014 2:52:51 PM

Colin Blair

Have to change that to early 1/6 instead. My development machine just developed a problem and I am worried that it isn't compiling correctly.

1/4/2014 10:32:21 PM


I have deployed 4.3 Alpha to production without any issues :).

Now I am im just wating for the MonoX /Xamarin Portable Class library . Do you have something I can play with...

1/5/2014 5:08:47 AM
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