10/20/2014 Beta Tooling Update

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This is a beta version of the Open RIA Services Tooling. I would like to get a few people trying it out before I upload it to the Visual Studio Gallery as a full release. If everything goes well, this will be the same version I push out to the gallery so you would not need to uninstall/reinstall it after I release it to the gallery.

UPDATE: The previous beta release had a missing namespace in the Domain Service, the below file corrects the problem.

UPDATE: The beta release has been replaced with the release candidate. It now includes the newly released 4.4 production NuGet packages and includes tooling for the signed packages. One change from previous releases is a note in the wizard that you will need to add the OpenRiaServices.EntityFramework or OpenRiaServices.Signed.EntityFramework to your project before the Domain Service Wizard will be able to see your EF6 entities.

The release candidate will be published as a release version on 12/16/2014.

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Hi, Colin.
Is there a list of changes the update contains?

10/21/2014 5:24:56 AM

Colin Blair

This has a tweak to the Entity Framework code which should resolve problems where the Domain Service wizard is coming up empty due to versioning problems with the EntityFramework dll.

This is also a recovery package as the code for the previously released version was somehow lost. I had to recreate a few things using Reflector before I could get this version out. I have decided just now that I will be updating the package one more time before release to contain the current version of the NuGet packages. I am also thinking I need to release a version of the tooling that uses the signed versions of the NuGet packages.

10/21/2014 6:30:32 PM

Daniel Svensson

1: The context menu when right clicking a Project says "Link Open RIA Services Project"

Should it not read "Open RIA Services Project Link" or "Manage Open RIA Services Project Link"?

2: Do I still need to install the separate Open RIA Services Visual Studio Tooling msi first?

I have installed the new extension and the I can change the Open Ria Project link, but when I try to add a domain service I get the following error:

Microsoft Visual Studio
Could not load file or assembly 'OpenRiaServices.VisualStudio.Interface, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=2e0b7ccb1ae5b4c8' or one of its dependencies. Det går inte att hitta filen.

I can however add Authentication domainservices (even to silverlight Projects :) )

10/24/2014 2:57:31 PM

Edward Miller

Hi Colin,

Is this ready for release yet? What are the features? What needs testing? I'm willing to help test.

12/4/2014 5:26:59 PM
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